Tips and Tricks to maintain your car

The statements made on this page are not in anyway a solution to any problems you may have with your car. Automark does not advise or endorse any work to be carried out by unqualified persons.

Coolant should be changed at regular intervals

It is a common miss conception that the only job of coolant (as apposed to just water) is to keep a car cool when in fact water will do nearly as good a job under normal conditions.

Despite coolant having a higher boiling point which is becoming more important in modern cars which demand more of their motors, the biggest difference is the corrosion inhibitors & scale retardants. Over time these abilities in the coolant are reduced and the system is left vulnerable to corrosion. This affects the radiator water outlets, core plugs, water pump and cylinder head, all of which can cause the car to be unreliable and subject to over heating.

Repairs to these components can be very costly. Scale and sediment can build up in the system blocking the radiator and also causing over heating. By flushing the system regularly and using a high quality coolant you reduce the risk of blockages and corrosion.

If it has been some time since any work was done to the cooling system it may be necessary to remove the radiator for servicing and replace the thermostat.

It is also recommended that only distilled or filtered water be used as this has many of the impurities removed and will help in the longevity of your engine's life.

Tyre rotation and Balance

Tyres with less then the amount of correct inflation will cause your fuel consumption to increase.

Unbalanced and incorrectly aligned wheels may be the cause of your car pulling to one side when driving. Apart from this being dangerous it will lead to premature wear and in time the early replacement of your car tyres and possibly suspension.

Keeping the correct inflation in your tyres and making sure that they are at there correct alignment will improve your car's consumption of petrol and provide you with a more effortless driving experience and help you in situations of quick maneuvering.

Brake Fluid Levels

Brake fluid is often over looked even though it can have grave consequences in an emergency situation. Brake fluid is hydroscopic which means it readily absorbs moisture from the air even whilst your car is not being used.

The temperatures generated from modern braking systems can rapidly boil this moisture causing a spongy & inefficient brake pedal.

The problem with this is the symptoms may not be evident until too late.

To avoid this your brake fluid should be changed every two years regardless of how far you have driven.

New Car Servicing

Cars still under new car warranty can be serviced by automark with out affecting your rights under this warranty.

It is important to keep in mind that that your warranty is conditional upon you having the vehicle serviced on time & as required by the manufacture's handbook regardless of whether it is done by automark, the vehicle dealer or another repairer & this means by the km or the date WHICH EVER COMES FIRST.

As each service as well as each manufacturer has different requirements some services may be covered buy our standard services but should be quoted on in an individual basis.

Oil levels and replacement

A common practice amongst motorist is to top up their oil as opposed to replacing it at regular intervals.

Although a car needs to have an optimum level of oil "full upon your engines dipstick" it also needs to have a clean oil to lubricate the many moving parts of the engine. An oil is given a life span of approximately ?0,000kms after this it will lose its efficiency in keeping your cars moving parts gliding effortlessly.

Old oil may contain impurities that may lead to premature engine wear and possibly a costly replacement.

Pre-purchase Inspection

With any new car purchase you need to know what you are paying for. If you are unsure of what to look for or how to spot potential problems, the purchase of a car may end up costing you more than you expected.

Automark can provide an overview of the intended purchase outlining faults that are current or may occur. Note this service only provides an opinion and does not supply a recommendation of actions. Automark accepts no liability will not be held for loss of money due.

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